What music do you listen to?

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План урока ў 8 класе
Тема:  “What music do you listen to?”

Мэта ўрока:  развіццё навыкаў маналагічнага выказвання;

Адукацыйная: актывізацыя ўжывання лексікі па данай тэме, фарміраванне ўменняў ў выкарыстанні маўленчых стратэгій у маналагічных выказваннях.

  • Развіваючая: развіццё ў вучняў пазнавальнай цікавасці, памяці, увагі, развіццё ўменняў навучальнага супрацоўніцтва пры выкананні калектыўнага пазнавальна - пошукавага задання, развіццё маналагічнага выказвання ( з апорай), развіццё аналітычнага і крытычнага мыслення навучэнцаў;

  • Выхаваўчая: развіваць актыўную жыццёвую пазіцыю, выхоўваць пачуццё прыгожага.

Ход урока:

1.Арганізацыйны момант

Good morning!

The topic of our lesson is “Youth and Music” .Today we are going to talk about music and what kinds of music teenagers like to listen to. The task that we have to work at is speaking and summarizing pupils’ opinions about different kinds of music.
2. Фанетычная зарадка:
So now look at the blackboard and repeat the words after me all together (drilling)
Vocabulary of the lesson
Musical styles:
1. Classical - класічная
2. Pop music – вядомая сучасная музыка
3. Folk music – Фальклор, народная музыка
4. Dance music –танцавальная музыка
5. Jazz -джаз
6.country music-музыка ў стыле «кантры»
7.bard-бард, спявак, аўтар-выканавец (bardic songs)
8.heavy metal-cтыль «хэві метал»
10.rock music-рок
11. rock’n’roll-рок-н-ролл
12.techno-стыль «техно»
3. Прад тэкставы этап

  1. Divide music styles in two columns and match with the description.
    Pro and Contra – За і супраць

Pro: Contra:
1. pleasant-прыемны annoying- раздражняльны
2. relaxing- расслабляльны boring- нудны
3.catchy- запамінальны dreadful-жудасны
4.soft-мяккі noisy-шумны
5.amazing- чароўны out –of- date- састарэлы
6.breathtaking- захапляльны senseless- бязглузды
7 adore- абажаць hate- ненавідзець
8.enrich-  абагачаць can’t stand- не можа трываць
9.inspire- натхняць dislike- не падабаецца
10. transform-змянять don’t care- не мець цікавасці

2. Now we’ll do some exercises.

1) Complete the sentences with the V-ing form of the verbs in brackets.
1.My mother can’t stand ( listen)--------to loud hard rock music. She thinks it is awful.
2.Some people hate ( go)-------- to the concerts of symphony. They don’t understand
classical music.
3.I want to continue ( study)--------piano. I’ve been studying it already for three years and I love it.
4.I can’t stand ( watch)--------operas on TV. It’s better to see them live.
5.My friend has started (go)--------to music school. She wants to learn how to play the guitar.
6.I don’t like (listen )--------to music on TV. It’s annoying.
7.We started ( discuss)--------music with our friends. We are interested in different musical styles.

4. Тэкставы этап
Now we are going to read the text “What music do you listen to?” And then you’ll agree or disagree with my statements. If I am right you will repeat my sentence. If I am wrong you will correct it.

"What music do you listen to?"

There are many musical styles. Some of them are popular among the young people. Others are popular with grown-ups. I think we like music because music expresses some ideas which are important for us. That is why different people like different musical styles. For example the music of Mozart. Now it is called classical music. Everyone admires Mozart, both the young and the old. But for his time Mozart was a revolutionary, he reformed the opera and introduced some new ideas. I think young people all over the world like classical music. My favorite classical composer is Mozart. Classical music is international, but every nation has its own music, folk music. The British are very fond of their folk music. They hold special Folk festivals, where young people can learn their national culture and folk music.

There are special musical styles as jazz. I know that jazz appeared as the music of black orchestras in the southern states of the USA at the beginning of the XX century. I like jazz compositions because they are rhythmical. It is easy to dance to them. My parents like jazz too. Still young people like light music, such as pop, rock, rock’n’roll. Some like techno, heavy metal and rap. Most of my friends like dancing music for parties. As for me, I like pop music, because it is light, and improves my mood when I am gloomy. I like to watch video clips of Philip Kirkorov, Madonna, and Brittney Spears. Their clips are pieces of art. Their songs are melodical and romantic. I respect Madonna and Alsou. I see that they work hard. That is why their songs are so popular. I also like to dance. Pop music is very rhythmical and it is easy to dance to it.

5. Пасля тэкставы этап

- There are many musical styles.

- Mozart is a bard.
- In our republic young people cannot learn national culture and folk music.
- Jazz compositions are rhythmical.
- Young people like different musical styles.

I agree with you

I don’t agree with you

6.Заключны этап. Рэфлексія

As we see music plays a very important role in our life. It helps us to relax, it makes us more emotional, it makes us think of our life and change our opinion on our lifestyle.

Teacher: We have a very nice and fruitful talk on music. Let’s finish our lesson with music by Сhaikovsky. The name of his musical piece is “The Seasons”. His music is amazing and exciting.
Our lesson is coming to the end. Please look at the blackboard and write down your homework.

Homework: 1. Write a summary (краткое изложение) about your favorite music.

2. Make up 10 sentences using V-ing forms after verbs hate, enjoy, can’t stand.
I have to put you marks now.

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