Урока па англійскай мове ў 4 класе па тэме " Мой дом. Мая кватэра"

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План-канспект урока

па англійскай мове ў 4 класе па тэме

Мой дом. Мая кватэра”

Распрацавала: настаўнік англійскай мовы Захарава Алеся Валер'еўна

Барысаў, 2013

План-канспект урока па англійскай мове ў 4 класе па тэме : «My house, my flat» .


  • Сістэматызацыя і кантроль засваення лексічных адзінак па тэме “Мая кватэра. Мой дом”;

  • Развіццё ўмення прымяняць атрыманыя веды на практыцы;

  • Выхаванне цікавасці вучняў да вывучаемай замежнай мовы.

Абсталяванне: карткі с заданнямі для каманд, мультымедыйная прэзентацыя

Форма ўрока: урок-гульня

Ход урока:

1. Warm-up

Good morning, pupils! I am glad to see you! How are you today? Today we’ll have an unusual lesson. We’ll play a game. Look at the picture and guess the topic of our lesson. (My flat. My house)

Do you know any proverbs about home in Russian? (В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше. Дома и стены лечат. Мой доммоя крепость)

There are some proverbs in English too. Look and let’s read them. (There is no place like home. East or West, home is the best)
Let’s revise the names of the rooms and furniture we have in our houses and flats.

(карцінкі на дошцы). Repeat after me.
2. The competition

And now let’s start our competition. There are two teams in the classroom. The name of THE 1ST team is “TWINKY’S FRIENDS”, and the 2d team in “MIKE’S FRIENDS”

1. Find hidden words

Look. This is a house. But what’s happened? The words are hidden. Please help me to guess the words that are hidden here. Write them down. Write the name of your team for the jury.

2. Find my friends

Let me introduce my Friends.

Mickey, Daisy, Goofy and Donald. They live in a big house. They live in a castle.

I can’t find my friends in such a big house. Please help me. I’ve got five keys. Help me to find the doors. The numbers can help you to answer where my friends are.

3. Guess the riddles

The next task : you must guess the riddles. And write the words.

4. Change the pictures
Look. This is a text. Your task: change the pictures into the words and write them.
5. Listen and choose the right room
I’ve got some stories for you. I’ll describe different rooms. There are the numbers of the rooms on the board. Listen and choose the card with the number on your desk.
1. People can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner in this room. We have a fridge, a table, a cooker and a cupboard in this room. (a kitchen)

2. There are beds or a sofa in this room. You can see a little table and a wardrobe there. People have a rest in this room. (a bedroom)

3. This room is not very big. We take a shower in this room. There is a bath. You can brush your teeth and wash your face and hands there. (a bathroom)

4. There is a TV set, some chairs and a sofa in this room. We can see flowers on the walls. There is a carpet on the floor. It’s the biggest room in the house. People watch TV or listen to music there. (a living room)

5. This room is not very big. There is usually a mirror and a little table there. There you can see boots or shoes. (a hall)
6. Moving activity
You know a poem about house. Let’s revise this poem playing the game “Little Mouse”. You must go around the chairs and after the last sentence you must sit on the chair. If you have no seat you’ll leave the game.

  • Little Mouse, little Mouse,

Where is your house?

  • Little Cat, little Cat, I have no flat.

I am a poor Mouse, I have no house.

  • Little Mouse, little Mouse,

Come into my house.

  • Little Cat, little Cat, I cannot do that.

You want to eat me!

7. The envelope with a secret
Read the sentences and fill in is/are;

There …. a big window in the bedroom.

There ….. two beds in the bedroom.

There ….. a beautiful picture on the wall.

There ….. many books in the bookcase.

There …... two armchairs in the living-room.

There …... a carpet on the floor.

There …… three chairs in the kitchen.

There …… a lamp on the desk.

There …… a wardrobe in the hall.

There …… a big mirror in the bathroom.
8. Describe the room
Look at the picture please. What room is it? It’s a living room. You must describe this room using the structure THERE IS…. THERE ARE…. But you must do it in 3 minutes. You should write as many sentences as you can.
9. Summing up
Our lesson has come to the end. Thank you for your work. You were very active today. And now let's see which team is the winner of our competition. Please, count your points. How many points do you have?

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